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    Software for Design of Aeration Systems

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    The aeration system is the most important equipment of a wastewater plant. 30-60% of the energy used for the wastewater treatment is covered by the aeration system. The correct design of the aeration system is the basis for a good operation and the operational costs. As the energy costs are the main cost value of an aeration system, a real comparison of different systems must concern both the operation and the invest costs of the whole life cycle.

    With AQUA AERO you are able to design the aeration system with blowers, mixers and pipelines for different chamber geometries. You have the choice of membrane aerators (as tubular-, disc- or plate aerators) and surface aerators (in the next version of AQUA AERO). From a database you can choose fitting aggregates for the single calculation steps. As important efficiency parameter the oxygen efficiency is provided. With the calculation of investment, reinvestment and operating costs the economical calculation of AQUA AERO covers the whole life cycle of the aeration.
    And you get a detailed documentation of the calculations and true scaled drawings of the equipment.

    We added an important feature to AQUA AERO for optimizing the construction: You can calculate more than just one project and compare them objectively by one value.

    Shortly combined: AQUA AERO is a powerfull tool for economical and procedual design of aeration systems for wastewater treatment plants.

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    • 2_Oxygen
    • 3a_Blower
    • 3b_Blower_Data_Bank
    • 4_Mixer
    • 5_Aerator
    • 6_Pipeline
    • 7a_Oxygen_Effiency
    • 7b_Operation_Costs
    • 7c_Life_Cycle


    Basic Data

    In the beginning of your calculation with AQUA AERO, you have to choose the form and the dimensions of the tank:

    • chamber design: round tank, circular tank, rectangular  tank, plug flow reactor
    • calculation of oxygen demand for membrane andsurface aeration systems



    For the dimensioning of the blowers you have some options:

    • calculation of required air volume under norm and operation conditions
    • selecting of a blower out of the data base and defining of the operating point
    • different blowers: rotary piston blower, side channel blower, turbo compressor
    • adaption of the aeration capacity to different load conditions with blower graduation



    Choose the fitting mixer from the data bank:

    • dimensioning of mixer by the required power density
    • technical data of the mixer in a data base
    • mixer with slow and fast rotation


    Aeration Devices

    For design and construction of the aeration devices, you get a powerfull tool:

    • different options: tube diffusor, aeration discs, plate diffusor
    • selection of aeration from a data base
    • construction for your requirements: aeration one side / both sides, equal / unequal distributed, order header pipes
    • true scaled drawing with export (PNG, DXF, BMP), zoom and editor (CAD-enviroment)



    With AQUA AERO you can also dimension the pipelines:

    • list of pipelines with connecting p., header p., inflow p. and distribution p.
    • specification of diameter and velocity
    • costs of valves and pipelines
    • calculation of the compressed air volume with temperature increase


    Oxygen Efficiency

    The SAE Standard Aeration Efficiency is the most important index for the economy of an aeration system. It shows, how much energy is needed to charge the required oxygen.

    • detailled results for oxygen transfer (kgO2/h) and oxygen yield (kgO2/kWh
    • inclusive mechanical losses of the blowers (data base)
    • editor for the power consumption of the mixers


    Investment Costs

    For the calculation of the investment costs, you have to input informations about:

    • planning costs
    • costs for construction of blower room and pipelines
    • mechanical equipment (automatically)
    • electrical equipment
    • measuring equipment


    Operating Costs

    The operating costs are calculated based on the oxygen efficiency.
    Energy costs are automatically calculated from the aggregates you choose out of the data banks.


    Project Life Cycle Costs

    With the project life cycle costs, two different aeration systems could be compared.
    All this costs are calculated to the point of starting the operation.

    • project life cycle costs considers investment, reinvestment and operation costs
    • choosing real project life time, interest rate and price increase rate for flexible calculation


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