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Software for the Design of Wastewater Treatment Plants

aquadesignerVersion AQUA DESIGNER 9.1 now available with Flow Chart, Machine / Messure List and Membrane Reactor Plants DWA-M 227

AQUA DESIGNER is a software tool for the design of several processes of a wastewater treatment plant, from mechanical treatment via biology up to sludge treatment. Regarding the basis of calculation, the process and the construction all common process variations are to choice. Planning is supported by many auxiliary functions.

As result AQUA DESIGNER supplies extensive documents ready to be printed for official documents, including buildings, machines, operating costs and true scaled drawings. AQUA DESIGNER is used world-wide for the planning of treatment plants.

The application is available in eleven different languages. 


  • 1AD80-UebersichtEn
  • 2AD80-A131ParameterBiologie_Englisch
  • 3AD80-A131Belueftung_Englisch
  • 4AD80-A226Belueftung_Zeichnung_Englisch
  • 5AD80-ZeichnungBelueftung_Englisch
  • 6AD80-A226Kompaktbecken_Englisch
  • 7AD80-SBRReaktorvolumen_Englisch
  • 8AD80-Schlammbilanz_Englisch
  • 9AD83-Fliessschema
  • AD90_FormularMembranmodul

Guided Planning

One of the special characteristics of AQUA DESIGNER is the consistently guidance of the user by a flow diagram. From the first sight you can see the current processing status, the selected way of design or process and the possible alternatives.

Variation of Process and Construction

  • Aerated grit and grease chamber or circulated grit chamber  
  • Primary settling tank as rectangle tank or circular tank
  • Aeration tank as a combinational, compact, rectangle or circulation tank
  • Continuous flow through aeration tank or sequencing batch reactor (SBR)
  • Clarifier as a round, rectangle or cone tank
  • Thickener
  • Sludge digestion as aerobic treatment and aerobic stabilization

Options for Design

  • Plan a new plant
  • Calculate or evaluate the economic efficiency based onoperational costs, mass and oxygen efficiency (SAE)
  • Check existing plants (or parts of them) and include them in your calculation
  • Dimension several lines
  • Direct comparison of calculation methods
  • Accomplish fast calculation
  • Pipe, mass and lifting calculation

Dimensioning Methods

  • ATV-DVWK-A 131 
    Dimensioning of Single- Stage Activated Sludge plants (May 2016)
  • ATV-DVWK-A 198
    Standardization and Derivation of Dimensioning Values for Wastewater Facilities (April 2003)
  • DWA-A 202
    Chemisch-physikalische Verfahren zur Elimination von Phosphor aus Abwasser (May 2011)
  • DWA-M 210
    Belebungsanlagen mit Aufstaubetrieb (SBR, July 2009)
  • DWA-A 226
    Grundsätze für die Abwasserbehandlung in Belebungsanlagen mit gemeinsamer aerober Schlammstabilisierung ab 1.000 Einwohnerwerte (August 2009)
  • DWA-M 227 -  NEW  in AQUA DESIGNER 9.0
    membrane reactor plant (MBR)
  • DWA-M 229-1
    Systeme zur Belüftung und Durchmischung von Belebungsanlagen - Teil 1: Planung, Ausschreibung und Ausführung (September 2017)   
  • DWA-M 368
    Biologische Stabilisierung von Klärschlamm (June 2014)          

Cleaning Methods

  • Carbon degradation
  • Nitrification
  • Denitrification: upstream, intermittent, combined, simultaneous or cascade
  • External P precipitation
  • Carbon dosage

Biological Stage and Aeration

Basis for dimensioning of the biological stage are different ATV-guidelines (A 126,A 131, M 210 etc.) and work reports, the university algorithm and extensive technical literature.

  • Different forms of tanks
  • Different kinds of cleaning processes
  • Scraper or suction remover
  • Horicontal axis or membranes as disc or tubular aerators, dentrifugal or screw pumps as well as air lift pumps
  • Load variation with variation of temperature, solid matter (MLSS) and loading
  • Determining oxygen income value

Sludge Treatment

With the sludge treatment (according to nach DWA-M 368) an important component of the planning of treatment plants has been integrated in AQUA DESIGNER.

  • Dimensioning of primary settling tank and gravity thickening
  • Anaerobic digestion with production of gas, current and heat
  • load and quantity balance of supernatant and sludge
  • Consideration of internal cycles
  • Extension of the operation costs function by the yield of the use of digester gas

Detailed Documentation

BerechnungAs printout you get a detailed and clear documentation of the calculation. The computing formulars are shown, so the calculaion method is comprehensibly. In this printout you also find detailed information like load variation, oxygen efficiency, sedimentation lines, mass evaluation or buoyancy and a list of the operational costs.  Please click left, if you want to see an example.



Additional Funcions

  • Database für machines for pumps, mixers, blowers and other equipment technology
  • NEW in 8.3:  Machine and messure list
  • NEW in 8.3:  Flow chart
  • True scaled drawings of construction and aeration system
  • Operation Costs for all treatments including anaerobic sludge digestion
  • Interfaces: Word, Excel, DXF for CAD-Software
  • Variations by specifying values for safety ,fluctuation and peak factors
  • Editing constants, concentrations or the densitiy precipitant


  • bulgarian
  • chinese
  • croatian
  • czech
  • english
  • french
  • german
  • hungarian
  • polish
  • romanian
  • slowenian
  • spain

Help, Manual and Hotline

Our support does not stop with the sales of AQUA DESIGNER:
We offer a really extensive service which does not only cover the operation of AQUA DESIGNER but also gives high qualified support for the design of wastewater treatment plants. That applies also to the comprehensive manual.

We are looking forward to your request.

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