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    PlanungMechanical- and Electrical Engineering, Optimization of Wastewater Treatment Plants

    Mechanical- and Electrical Engineering, Optimization of Wastewater Treatment Plants

    Our special qualification is energy optimization and process optimization. We have a lot of experience in modernizing existing plants.  Results are energy reduction of up to 60 % by modifying the process, installing new aeration equipment and control systems. Further result of our modernization is the reduction of outflow concentrations of nutrient.

    Here we show some results:

    WWTP Traben-Trarbach

    • A wastewater treatment plant with a high part of wastewater of wine industrie, situated at the Mosel.

    • Modernization of the Aeration and Mixing System and considerable modifications of the process.

    • Modern control system with fuzzy control.



    WWTP Rheinböllen

    • About 50 % energy reduction

    • Reduction of outflow parameters by modifying the process

    • New Aeration System for Aearation and Mixing by Impulse Aeration

    WWTP Waxweiler: About 60 % energy reduction

    WWTP Mandern: More than 60 % Energy reduction

    Extending the process from only nitrification to nitri- and denitrification by process modification
    and modern control systems

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