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    PROVI ENERGY 3.0 - New Version

    Online Energy Analysis according to DWA-A 216 with PROVI ENERGY 3.0


    PROVI ENERGY is a software for energy analysis based on the standard DWA-A 216. Using online measured values, models and characteristic values, ideal value-real value comparisons, the current status of your plants is automatically evaluated and displayed in meaningful graphics and tables. An additional benefit - also with regard to technical safety management (TSM) - is the systematic plausibility check of the linked data.

    A complete and detailed energy balance

    • of wastewater treatment plants and pumping stations
    • of water supply plants
    • of biogas plants and other sectors

    Automatically generated and updated daily based on your process data and laboratory data.

    Energetic Situation and Savings Potentials

    PROVI ENERGY provides all results for electricity consumption, savings potentials and gas accumulation according to DWA-A 216 at the push of a button. In addition, you receive valuable recommendations for operation, such as the required MLSS concentration, the actual sludge age and the kP value as a measure for the economic efficiency of precipitant dosing. The characteristic values for total electricity consumption, electricity consumption for aeration and for the pumping stations provide a statistical classification and evaluation of your wastewater treatment plant.

    In this way, you can identify your optimization and savings potentials.

    PROVI ENERGY Funktionen

    Coupling to the Control System

    • coupling of PROVI ENERGY to the database of the control system
    • automatic determination of ideal and real values from machine and process data
    • input of static values, e.g. basin volume, immersion depth
    • definition of substitute values
    • Excel export of all models and compilations

    Ideal Value Determination with Models

    • modeling according to DWA-A 216 to calculate the ideal value for agitators, pumps, screens, aeration, etc.
    • comparison of actual consumption and ideal values for the individual cleaning stages
    • for power consumption and gas generation

    Evaluation in Graphics and Tables

    • different views in different structural depth: machines, stages, overall balance sheet
    • comparison between actual and theoretically required sludge age
    • calculation of MLSS concentration as a function of load and temperature
    • required and actual dry solids concentration
    • interface to e!Sankey for displaying complex relationships in energy flow diagrams resp. sankey diagrams
    • according to A 216 for the specific energy consumption of the individual stages and for the total consumption
    • export of all process data, reports and calculations to Excel
    • further graphical long-term and detailed evaluations

    Further Results

    • energy report
    • consumption matrix
    • machine list
    • export of all process data, reports and calculations to Excel
    • 01_PE30-Dashboard
    • 02_PE30-Feinanalyse
    • 03_PE30-Mittlere_Analyse
    • 04_PE30-Feinanalyse_Balken
    • 04_PE30-Grobanalyse
    • 05_PE30-Belastung
    • 06_PE30-Potenziale
    • 07_PE30-Kennwerte_Pumpwerke
    • 07_PE30-Kennwerte_Pumpwerke_Details
    • 08_PE30-Kennwert_Zulaufpumpwerk
    • 09_PE30-Teppichdiagramm_PV

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